Live Feed: Day 20

vanTime Check; 08:30:  No exercises this morning so  housemates take their time to wake up. Last nights game was an emotional roller-coaster. The girls kept their Secrets because as you know, these ladies never kiss and tell.

Time Check; 08:40: Dineo Ranaka will partying with the Housemates today at the Slumber party.

 Time Check; 09:00: Lexi sits alone in the garden and it's evident that she's worried about something.

Time Check; 09:22: Vanessa says that she's scared of sleeping again because she had a bad dream, this explains why she was an early bird today morning.

Time Check; 09:30: Thando Lola and Vanessa share some girl-talk, Thando tells the girls about a stunt Lexi pull off last night when she seduced Kgosi.

Time Check; 09:50: Sexy Lexi wishes that Big Brother pump the liquor non-stop tonight.

Time Check; 10:22: Lexi and Vanessa talk about crimes and Vanessa says that SA has a high  crime rate.

Time Check; 10:45: The girls; Loko Lexi Thando and Vanessa talk about the different clubbing places in SA.

Time Check; 11:05: Lexi cries out to Big Brother to play some music and wastes no time in granting the request.

Time Check; 12:10: Mzamo and Poolie get facial massages.

Time Check; 12:50: So Kgosi reckons that Iris has the biggest fan club outside the House. Maybe, maybe not, Kgotsi.

Time Check; 1305: Big Brother Mzansi fans, DJ Tira, Big Nuz and Khaya Mthethwa to tear up the Live Show stage tomorrow night!

Time Check; 13:25:  Mandla, Lola, Loko, MK, Thando and Sol are talking about plastic surgery and how it affects people.

Time Check; 13:40: Frustration is killing the Housemates, someone isn't doing their chores. "Come on Housemates, let's keep the kitchen clean", Lexi kindly added.

Time Check; 14:25 Stop press!Mzamo Just read out Biggie's message to the Housemates that they have a surprise guest! Get the House spick and span kids!

Time Check; 14:25 And the speculation begins. From Lee-Ann Liebenberg to Danny K to Julius Malema. The Housemates are compltely bamboozled.

Time Check; 15:29
It's Iris's birthday tomorrow and the little kitten is but turning only 22.

Time Check; 16:00 Sol and MK clean the kitchen in anticipation of Dineo's arrival. Gotta love a guy that can clean.

Time Check; 16:48 The Guessing game continues, which celebrity is coming into the House in ten minutes?

Time Check; 17:12 Whoot! Dineo in the House.

Time Check; 17:37 Dineo just asked where the guy with no clothes on is, the walking torso. That's you Mandla

Time Check; 18:00 Oh, the disappointment, Lexi tells Kat that she's disappointed with Dineo's arrival and wanted a guy. Lexi, Lexi, Lexi...

Time Check; 18:24 Want to see how the Housemates reacted to Dineo's arrival? Check this video out...

Time Check; 18:56 If you're confused about Nominations, who's up for eviction and who's not, look no further.

Time Check; 19:12 Dineo is in the House and she's had every conversation with every Housemates. She talks, girls, gays and climbing up the ladder with Mzamo.

Time Check; 19:23 The girls all bungle upstairs and make themselves prettiest for tonight's party.

Time Check; 20:19 The Housemates gather at the dinner table to enjoy a scrumptious meal the Kat and Loko lovingly prepared with their new guest Dineo.

Time Check; 20:21 Jase points out that it is actually their last supper all together in the House.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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