Live Feed: Day 21

boityTime Check; 8:30 Big Brother announces that Dineo has 30 minutes left in the House then rings the alarm so the Housemates can bid their farewells.

Time Check; 8:45 Biggie bumps up the music with a Proudly South African playlist and Kat wastes no time in showing her appreciation by jumping on the bed and twerking to the music selection.

Time Check; 9:15 Dineo has left the building! The Housemates look forward to a good hair day as the hairdressers arrive and they get to reap the reward from Nominations. Meanwhile, an impatient Lexi scowls at the girls as she waits her turn to be pampered.

Time Check; 09:30 About time we focused 0n Iris, its her Birthday.

Time Check; 11:13 MK and Mandla get into a deep conversation about everything from ex girlfriends to character analysis.

Time Check; 11:49 Another gossip session rolls on in bedroom between  Thando and Lola while the other Housemates actively move about the House, eating breakfast and getting into the spirit of things.

Time Check; 12:00 The Housemates indulge in some of the food that Dineo made for them. Nothing like some soul food to lighten the mood.

Time Check; 12:41 While others are busy talkig about tonight's big show, some housemates are busy ordering for their week's supplies.

Time Check; 13:19 A mystery celebrity will be entering the Big Brother House at 13:30. Stay tuned.

Time Check; 13:46 Boity is in the House with a delicious cake for Iris's birthday and warm welcomes for all. I'm sure the guys cannot believe their luck.

Time Check; 13:59 Ten minutes chat time between the housemates and Boity granted by Biggie. Iris is beside herself and Boity has left the building.

Time Check;14:44 Biggie bumps the music and gets everyone in a great mood, especially Iris who can't stop moving and shaking. The ladies begin packing their bags in anticipation for tonight's show.

Time Check; 15:01 Head Of House summoned to appear in the diary room.

Time Check; 15:11 The ladies start working on themselves for tonight's show. Vanessa dons a mud face mask and starts planning accessories while the guys sit downstairs and play dominos.

Time Check; 15:59 Kat and Loko reminisce by showing some of the other ladies photos from their lives outside the House.

Time Check; 16:14 Kat finishes up her Eviction Diary session with Biggie.

Time Check; 16:17 Diary sessions kick off with Loko.

Time Check;16:17 Vanessa's Diary Session wraps up the today's sessions as the  mood gets solemn in the House as it's time for one of the Housemates to leave the Big Brother Mzansi House.

Time Check; 17:46 Housemates get dolled up for the for Eviction night. Tune in to the Live Show to see who you voted out of the Big Brother Mzansi House.

Time Check; 18:46 Only 15 minutes until the Live Show. In the meantime, check out this video and see what the Housemates had to say in their Diary Sessions today.

Time Check; 20:45 Kat tells Iris that she thankful to  Sol for opening up her eyes by letting her know that there are fake people around and she should be careful.

Time Check; 20:49 Kat  doesn't want to be saved  (if nominated) by Jase because of his feelings towards her. She wants him to be strategic about his decisions since he is in the game.

21:00 Jase reveals to Lola on how he trusted loved Kat so much.

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