Live Feed: Day 23

nomineesTime Check; 08:30: A few housemates turned up for the morning exercises, most of them stayed under their covers.

Time Check; 08:55: The loos are untidy and this angers Lola but some housemates played a prank on others, they smeared chocolate on the toilet so that they would think that some housemates are not cleaning after themselves, however, the prank leads to an argument.

Time Check; 09:00: In as much as the argument is happening upstairs, Mzamo who's downstairs,is actively part of it, hmmm...

Time Check; 09:15: The Housemates are divided over the toilet prank, while some of them support it, others are evidently mad at it.

 Time Check; 09:35: Lola says she's safe this week  and her reaction over the toilet prank has nothing to do with it.

Time Check; 09:50: Lola tells Mzamo that she had a feeling that he was part of the prank because he was acting defensive while Mzamo tells her to believe whatever she wants to believe.

Time Check; 09:54: Lexi says Mzamo is playing the victim.

Time Check; 10:45: Jase is called to the Diary room to collect a task brief.

 Time Check; 10:47: Jase reads out the task brief, this week is a Pirates week, housemates are required to come to a consensus about the Wager percentage.

Time Check; 10:55: After the task brief is read, MK advises that before they make a decision on how much to Wager with Big Brother, they should be ready for the task ahead and give in their all.

Time Check; 11:10: Lola and Lexi are in the bedroom weeping, it seems the pressure of being in Biggie's house has taken over, Lola threatens to quit the game.

Time Check; 11:50: Kgosi gets the Housemates to agree to the 'coup d'etat' themed story line for the Pirate Task.

Time Check; 13:28: Poolie kicks off the day's Diary sessions and he speculates about Jase's save and replace decision.

Time Check; 13:45: Mzamo in the Diary room, he talks about Lola reaction to the toilet prank, it interesting in here.

Time Check; 14:45: Iris is in the Diary and she's spotting a new look, she got rid of the weave.

Time Check; 15:04 In his Diary Room, Sol says it's a sad thing that Vanessa left and he feels pity for her. He also adds that he wanted Thando to leave rather than Vanessa.

Time Check; 15:34 In her Diary Session, Lola just told Biggie that she wants to leave the House.

Time Check; 15:40 Lola says she is emotionally drained and is tired of hearing people talking about her sensitivity.

Time Check; 15:52 Biggie gives Lola 24 hours to think about her decision.

Time Check; 16:20 A very short Diary Session with Lexi who told Biggie she is only in the Diary Room because she had to be. Two minutes and she was out.

Time Check; 17:00 It's been an emotional day for the Housemates, lotion on Mzamo's clothes and Lola's big announcement. Check out what she had to say to Biggie in the Diary Room.
Lola's emotional ride in the Diary Room

Time Check; 17:15 Kat remains bright-eyed and happy in her Diary Room Session despite the antics flying around the House. 'Fake it till you make it'is her strategy.

Time Check; 17:40 Loko's Diary Room session was as serene as Kat's; the pair just want to avoid drama.

Time Check; 18:08 Lexi does not want to be involved in the Pirate themed play. Kgosi is loving it and just wants her to get involved. Not Lexi's day.

Time Check; 18:48 Kgosi and MK lead the plotting out of their Pirate story while Loko and Poolie cant stop flirting with each other and others seem to be dosing off. Lola couldn't even be bothered to take part.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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  1. Lola u feel safe cz u knw wat u did...lied to Jase abt Kat nw u knw he ddnt swap hmself for u,green snake!