Live Feed: Day 24

lolaTime Check; 08:25: Housemates are busy with the morning exercises.

Time Check; 09:05: Want-away housemate Lola is up and pondering the next move. She threatened to leave the house and time will tell whether she leaves or stays.

Time Check; 09:45: Lola braids Jase's hair. Lexi and Thando are busy with their make-up.

Time Check; 10:10: While the rest of the gang go back to sleep, Jase grabs the opportunity to show Loko some of his family photos.

Time Check; 10:50: Lexi and Thando are having breakfast while Kat, Mzamo and Mandla who's spotting a new hair-cut are chilling in the lounge.

Time Check; 12:35: Housemates are busy brainstorming for the Pirates task.

Time Check; 14:01 *Chortle* Biggie asks Sol to keep his Thando rant brief. As if!

Time Check; 14:25 Lola does a U-turn and tells Biggie that she has decided to stay in the House.

Time Check; 15:05 Is Thando glowing in her Diary Session or is it just us?

Time Check; 15:28 Jase reads out the rules of Biggie's Statue Task High stakes!

Time Check; 15:56 What's up with Mandla? Mister 'Thong-the-thong-thong-thong' has been acting strangerthan usual.

Time Check; 16:22 Check out this exclusive GoPro footage of the Arena Games, a completely different perspective of the Housemates!

Time Check; 16:29 You couldn't make this up if you tried. The Statue Game begins and Biggie sends in a band of bagpipes. This is hilarious!

Time Check; 17:04 Read all about it! The maddest Task you ever did see; Statues, it's happening.

Time Check; 18:40 Debate rages in the lounge, is New York a city or a state? Can anyone say "sorry you don't have Google?"

Time Check; 19:40 The Housemates play the game 'Anything', Iris gives a losing answer and all hell breaks loose. Not a graceful loser, are we Iris?

Time Check; 20:05 We learn new things everyday. According to Iris, there is a country called "Alberia". And THAT is not up for discussion. Hmm...

Time Check; 20:30 The "anything" game is taking over. The Housemates are still at it and they are really enjoying the game. This might go on the whole night.

Time Check; 21:05 Who knew that the Housemates have a huge fetish for games? They are now playing hide and seek, which is a game that Lexisuggested.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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