Live Feed: Day 25

paradiseTime Check; 06:20: Sol  and Kgosi disappear from the house courtesy of a secret task by Biggie, they are taken to an Island and when housemates wake up, speculation is rife with most of them thinking that the boys were probably kidnapped.

Time Check; 07:05: While on the Secret Island Sol asks Kgosi about trusting people in the house, he (Kgosi) says that he doesn't trust anybody.

Time Check; 08:12: Housemates get on with the morning exercises but still wondering where Sol and Kgosi had disappeared to.

Time Check; 08:19: Sol continues his Q & A session with Kgosi, he asks him why he thinks he would blow up the money if he won the show.

Time Check; 08:30: All good things come to an end. Sol and Kgosi’s Paradise get away ended as the head mermaid bade them farewell. She tells them they can take souvenirs back to the House but they must remember to keep this mum about this Secret abduction.

Time Check; 08:19: Kgosi and Sol rush into the House and upstairs to hide their souvenirs, consisting mainly of alcohol. They shuffle around shoving bottle after bottle into every nook and cranny they could find or create.

Time Check; 08:35: Sol and Kgosi tell the housemates that they were kidnapped in the wee hours of the morning by phantoms.

Time Check; 08:40: The housemates don't seem to but the twosome's kidnap story, Kgosi plays the victim and said he was so traumatized and wondered why Sol took him along.

Time Check; 08:45: Now Lola who hates pranks seems to be getting angry.

 Time Check; 08:50: Sol paints the house technicolor. Some housemates are now starting to distruast Sol and Kgosi.

 Time Check; 09:10: Lexi confides in Kgosi that she hates Sol because she thinks the kidnap story is absurd and shouldn't be something funny.

 Time Check; 10:30: Lola and Lexi talk about the chocolate toilet task and how they never liked it a bit.

 Time Check; 11:18: MK advises HoH Jase that he ought to use his nice nature to lead others this week if at all they are to get something out of the Pirates task.

  Time Check; 11:28: Mzamo and Iris have a convo about fashion.

  Time Check; 11:35: Lola shares that she can't wait to get back and kick start the wedding arrangements.

Time Check; 11:50: Lola protest about narrating in the play because of a language barrier she might face and Lexi seems to have been been demoted in the play.

 Time Check; 11:55: HoH Jase is making an effort to mobilize his troops in preparations for the presentations later today.

 Time Check; 12:20: Housemates chat about their lives outside the big Brother Mzansi house.

Time Check; 12:30: Jase forces housemates to to get into character after realizing that he may take ages waiting on them to up their game.

 Time Check; 13:00: Housemates are now  busy with the task.

Time Check; 13:20: Mzamo is the first in the Diary room, he talks about the characters of Lola and Lexi which he finds uninspiring.

 Time Check; 13:30: Mzamo asks Biggie to intervene with housemates who are not carrying their weight.

 Time Check; 13:37: Lexi is in the Diary room and she continues with her hatred for Sol, Biggie tells her about her disrespectful behaviour towards him and fellow housemates.

 Time Check; 13:55: Poolie tells Biggie that he's put in 100% in the task but Lola, Lexi and Thando are not carrying their weight.

 Time Check; 14:30: Jase tells Biggie about MK's advise about not being too nice to people as a HoH.

Time Check; 14:51 It's King Sol's Diary Session and he spills all to Biggie. According to him there is calamity in the House with Kgosi swapping characters around. Sol said, there is no 'I' in team!

Time Check; 15:12 Lola a teachers pet? In the Diary Session she makes a comment on the animosity in the House and how difficult it is to prepare for Task Presentation because of this. Has she not been in the centre of much of the recent break outs.

Time Check; 15:21 Kgosi thanks Big Brother taking him and Sol to Paradise. Biggie tells him it might have been a dream, but that he should dream on. Sounded like the perfect dream!

Time Check; 15:40 The Housemates don their costumes and engage in a dress rehearsal. Kat is playing the role of the Xhosa queen and what fitting attire that is!

Time Check; 15:43 Kat and Mandla 'rock the boat' in an x-rated scene of the play.

Time Check; 16:15 Kat ends off her Dairy Session by coyly requesting that Big Brother refer to her as 'Xhosa Queen' to which Biggie surrenders.

Time Check; 16:43 The Housemates regain their confidence and it looks like the theatre is coming together. Captain Khoza Senior (Mandla) walked into the Dairy Room in high spirits.

Time Check; 18:29 The Housemates continue to practice for their Task presentation later. Loko is really relishing in this moment and seems to be owning her role at 'liquortale' the mermaid. Everyone is in high spirits, all dressed up in their Pirate themed costumes.

Time Check; 18:34 Biggie announces that the Housemates have 30 minutes before the Task presentation.

Time Check; 19:24 The Housemates are in full swing of the Task, swashbuckling, sword-slinging and liquor bumping all the way! Let's see if they win that wager!

Time Check; 19:29 The Housemates are told by Biggie that they have unfortunately lost their wager and will not be receiving any luxury items this week.

Time Check; 20:02 Even though they lost the Task, the Housemates still seem to be in high spirits. Everyone is laughing and joking around frivolously while they prepare dinner which looks like it's going to be PB n' J sandwiches. YUM!

Time Check; 20:19 Jase pulls a prank on everyone by telling him that he is voluntarily leaving the House.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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