Live Feed: Day 26

lokoTime Check; 08:15: Despite the wager loss yesterday, housemates are all smiles this morning.

Time Check; 08:40: Mandla does some exercises alone.

Time Check; 09:15: Kat feels so much love this morning as she won't stop  talking about it.

Time Check; 09:39: Kat tells Mandla that she's in a good mood today and doesn't want anybody to ruin it.

Time Check; 09:55: Housemates talk stardom, they share how to be one and keeping up with the pace.

Time Check; 10:10: Mzamo shares that if one wants to be in the limelight, then they should be ready to cope with everything that comes with it.

 Time Check; 10:27: Sol thinks Thando is telling lies bout her age and whats Mandla's opinion on that.

  Time Check; 10:38: Sola and Mandla are anxious about all the girls ages, they think they could all be lying.

 Time Check; 11:00: Housemates are back to slumber.

 Time Check; 11:20: HoH Jase reads out the HoH task.

 Time Check; 11:58: There's some controversy as Loko seems to have won the HoH task but Sol is declared the winner.

 hohTime Check; 12:20: Mandla shaves his head.

Time Check; 12:40: Housemates will be spending six hours in the garden as Biggie has to do some maintenance to the house. A portable toilet and entertainment are provided.

Time Check; 13:15: The games room is open and Housemates can now start enjoying the afternoon.

Time Check; 14:45 Nothing like a Games Room to separate the girls from the boys.

Time Check; 15:35 The pizza moment between Lexi and Iris.

Time Check; 15:56 We would also love to be in the garden of the Big Brother House on a Friday afternoon.

Time 16:34  Sol and Kat kiss.

Time Check; 17:50 If someone can steal your chips, they can steal your high heels? A Kgosi -ism at its best.

Time Check; 18:27 Jase gathers the Housemates for a Task briefing and good grief are they giving this lad a tough time! Moaning and whining is indeed trending in the Big Brother House.

Time Check; 19:07 Bikinis and shorts take over the Games.

Time Check; 19:50 The Friday Night Game kicks off and the most the generous of them all is MK. Can a nervous Jase guess who the least generous is? Jase guesses correctly!

Time Check; 19:58 Next up, who's the most possesive? Another resounding cry for none other than Lexi. Can you guess who Kat? You got it right girl!

Time Check;20:10 Iris its your turn, giddy up girl! Who do you think is the most fake. This shouldn't be hard.Lexi on the front lines again. But wait, isn't this the queen of real herself? Kgosi first in line. You're on the mark Iris!

Time Check; 20:17 Patience is a virtue and Mandla's got that for years to come. Sol of the House has it tough with those options. He goes for the jugular and gets it right!

Time Check; 20:23 Tough as nails or a Tough cookie, The Housemates reckon Jase is the guy, but doesPoolie feel the same? The irony befuddles but Poole bumps the loot and gets it right!

Time Check; 20:32 No winners for guessing who is the most introvert as Poolie is first in line. Extrovert Mandla gets it right.

Time Check; 20:37 Most Naive? The Housemates seem to be taking a gamble with this one but Thando is one smart gal and guesses correctly.

Time Check, 20:41 Lexi guesses that she alongside Lola is the most manipulative which saw Thando going down in the dumps.

Time Check;20:49 Now for  the one with the most cool. The all-knowing MK guesses correctly.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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