Live Show: The battle of secrets

battleHandsome host Lungile revealed, wait for it, there is to be another twist to next week’s evictions, no surprise there from Biggie. And this is what he said it looks like…On Monday, individual immunity will be up for grabs, Big Brother Mzansi fans. Housemates will get to play a challenge where one boy Housemate and one girl Housemate will win immunity. The lucky girl who wins immunity will be removed from the pool of nominees and will not be swapped during the Head of House save and replace on Monday night. The boy who wins immunity will also be removed from the pool of nominees, will also be immune from the HoH save and replace. This gets interesting because if you do the maths, the girls only guessed two of boys’ Secrets, who own the other five?

Later this evening the boys will get to play their version of the Secrets game where they get to match the girls to their Secrets; and here they are:

1. I grew up on the streets.
2. I have Musophobia.
3. I am of Royal Blood.
4. I have breast implants.
5. I have a sex position bucket list.
6. I was born with a club foot.
7. I am a serial soccer star dater.
8. I am a nude model for sex exhibitions.
9. I am a fiend at driving simulator games.

Musophobia? What is that? Can anyone say battle of the sexes?

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