Loko Your My Kind ~ Jase

jaseLoko was the subject of Jase and Poolie's fawning. The wide-eyed tomboy could be seen bashful and blushing as young blood Jase showered her with praises.

The boys being slind by Loko is nothing new in the House with Kgosi having already made advances on her upon his entry and Poolie sticking to her hip since the early days. This week she and Poolie have been inseparable sharing the same bed at night and again during their noon time snooze.

On Saturday Loko told an unreliable Kgosi to shove off after he’d been cold towards her. She seemed content in the bliss of her and Poolie’s…what are they to each other again? Well whatever it is, it sure has Jase feeling a little envy towards them considering the complicated status of his relationship with Kat.

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