Lola Fumes Over Prank

fumeLola has been a fairy quiet person but today, she let off the trigger after a well planned prank got the best of her.

For those who missed out on all the drama, here's a brief about the prank; some housemates smeared the toilet with chocolate so it was really hard for those who weren't part of it to think it was chocolate, so when Lola went to the toilet to excuse herself, she found the toilet in a 'bad state' so she fumed at everyone who was in her reach that they ought to clean after themselves.

However, according to Mzamo who was one of the engineers of the prank said that Lola knew that it was indeed chocolate but wondered why she was behaving in a victimized manner. Lola insisted that whoever did it was so insensitive and barbaric.

Jase tried calming her down but she was at the top of her voice and trying to put her point across.

Hmmm...what did you make of the prank?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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  1. Poor weak Lola, always seeming daring but now its an impact!!! Wow:-)

  2. Mmmmmmmm drama after drama i personally think that Lola cnt handle the game its time for her to go home

  3. […] kinds of people are indeed in there, recently we saw Lola getting really ‘mad’ at the chocolate prank which according to Mzamo she had an idea […]

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