Lola Indecisive

lolaLola just seem so lost right now. Judging from the way things are, she has made the decision to stay in the House even after all the controversy and cold comments that took place barely 24 hours ago.

Lola never hidden her unhappiness while in the House; she continually speaks about how much she misses her boyfriend, Marvin and how beautiful and perfect her life outside of Big Brother Mzansi is.

It is quite understandable that life in the Big Brother Mzansi House is and can overtly prodigious for anyone but surely she understood that this would be an obstacle going into the competition.

This begs the question on everyone’s lips; Was it a good idea to enter in the first place?

In saying all of this, Miss indecisive herself has decided to stay in the house, re- affirming her decision in a conversation with Jase this morning.

While braiding his hair in the garden she told him that during the exercise session this morning, she told Thando (her BBM bestie) that she is ‘not ready to leave.’

Thando was obviously relieved by this statement as she herself also expressed how distraught she was at Lola’s admission of wanting to exit the House for good. She said that even though she cannot depend on one person that much, it still petrified her that Lola wanted to leave.

This is palpable given that in any given situation if you just have one person whom you love and trust with you, things will always be brighter and easier. Thando we feel you girl!
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