Lola - Thando Schemes

lolaIt has seized being a surprise watching the Lola and Thando paired being in the company of one another, sitting in isolated corners with dubious expressions on their faces while in the Big Brother Mzansi House.Now things are getting serious, the plot thickens as they decide to unleash their fiery alter-egos.

Over the stretch of their stay in the House a number of discussions scathingly stripping apart the other Housemates and venting their opinions about them with no holds barred but now it seems that Thando and Lola are tired of the other ladies getting all the attention and being ‘misinterpreted’ to the public. Today as they looked on Loko and Kat playing ball with the guys they just let lose and unveiled a labyrinth of ulterior motives and true colours. The girls began to plot into how they can blow Kat’s ego saying ‘a big fish becomes a small fish when it’s starved of attention’. The plan is to turn it up and start wearing more provocative clothing and being ‘meaner’ to some of the other female Housemates.

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