Mandla & Lexi Get Close

slipMandla and sexy Lexi got so close and comfortable on the couch this morning with the former's hand slipping under the latter's vest as if he had lost something very valuable in there.

Well, shortly after waking up, the twosome had a one-on-one and they seemed to be in a world of their own, Lexy went as far as inviting a blushing Mandla to watch her take her shower and of course, that was a piece of cake for the former sheriff. "Come and watch me shower," Lexy said.

The relationships in the house are starting to come up between these housemates and as expected this was never going to take ages.

Where do you think the pair will get with this flirting game?

-By- Bigg Mzansi

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  1. mandla is cool with lexi.....cnt w8 2 c mbali in de main house

  2. lexi is bgnng to annoy me heyyy bt luvin kat and loko the lokonator

  3. check out this fantastic couple Mandla & Lexi !!!!! . Boy u play ur game cool Keep her don't loose her she's the best

  4. mandla u rolling the ball well,sushi will be served sooner...