Mandla tries out Lexi's panties

mandlaYou can't believe what Mandla did today morning, this dude just decided to fit in his girl's panties as he went rocking into the kitchen.

While in the kitchen, Mandla joked as he pranced around "I feel so liberated,". That was before he decided that he would try out all the girls' thongs in the not so distant future.

"I am daring myself to wear your thongs," he pointed at the dumbfounded girls. Vanessastood her ground, insisting that there was no way she would give up her panties like that.

Mandla went on to say that little Loko's thongs were the only ones that were safe from his ashen behind.

The Head of House barked at his on and off 'girlfriend' Lexi, "Find me everyone's thongs" who was ROTFL (rolling on the floor) with laughter.

"Your thongs are safe with me," Loko laughed as the other girls blank-stared at the adamant Mandla.

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