MK and Lola share a bed

mk-and-lolaWhile things look unsettled among the Mandlex with Lexi itching for a moment alone with Mandla, Vanessa had him all to herself.

The pair chatted upnearly about everything under the sun, including Vanessa's supposed boyfriend, who "is built like a Greek god". When Vanessa decided to join Thando, Loko and Kat in the garden for a midnight ciggie, Lexi inched in and finally got her moment (which turned into an entire night on the couch).

Things between Lola and MK on the other hand seem to have taken the right and interesting course; when the pair jumped into the same bed. Whether there is a brewing romance between the two or they wanted to 'keep company' of each for the night, it seems uncertain. However, it looks like the latter stands to be true because Lola told the girls that she was uncomfortable sharing a bed with MK and a suggestion was made to get the dread locked dude kicked out, but Mandla's intervention saved the day. "Leave the poor guy alone", he said, which they did.

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  1. lexi is pretty but no descipline she can ferment problems very easy-i like Mandla lead young man u are so diplomatic thats what we call social education.