Mzamo to put one guy on the chopping block

mzamoTonight the Head of House Mzamo will have to do the dirty deed and put up one of the guys up for possible Eviction. This is because Mzamo will have to put up one of the guys is simple, all the girls are already Nominated, following their failure to crack the guys' Secrets during the last Friday Night Games.

Actually, any of the girls but Lola after she earned herself Immunity during the Arena Games together with Jase.

This was only once the guys were in the Man Cave that it dawned on them that they could possibly be Nominated - 'betrayed' by their own. MK wasn't phased though and seemed certain that he would dodge Evictions if he'd be Nominated against the girls this week. None of the guys were as brave as MK to make that declaration though. Especially not in front of HoH Mzamo.

Mean while Sol was very clear that he wanted to play as far from Nominations as possible. "Let the games begin," Mzamo declared. That being said, one lucky girl will be Saved by Mzamo tonight and one of the guys will be firmly placed on the chopping block.

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  1. Loving Kat and Jase's heat.... Poolie and Loko should also heat up. TeamLokat.

  2. I don't see anything interesting on Iris I think Mandla must continue with Lexiiiiii, yoooo Mzamo you rock brooe. Team katsi boy Mindloz