No Sleep As Task Rehearsals Intensify

hardworkHard work pays and it looks like the Housemates are bearing this in their minds and are seriously in it for a win. When the Big Brother rewards start rolling, they will look back and pat themselves on the back for the job weldone.

The Pirate themed Task has kept most of the Housemates awake till the early hours of the morning. They were brainstorming and were busy trying to get their story line in place.

Their brainstorming Session was a rather productive one, even though it made others sleepy. Even with Mandla, Jase, Loko and Poolie struggling to keep their eyes open, they tried their best to participate even when sleep was knocking.

Lexi and Lola were not present at all. As usual, they decided to call it a night even when they had promised the other Housemates that they were going to stick it out until they all went to bed together.

The other Housemates were all energetic as they threw ideas around. We're talking about Kgosi, Mzamo, MK and Thando, who were taking over the session. Kgosi took the reigns and it looked as if he was the captain of the "ship".

He wanted to be heard and taken seriously just like everyone else, but it would seem he was forcefully putting his points across. Iris did not seem chuffed at all, especially when Kgosi pointed out that she would be an extra in the play. This was a huge turnoff for Iris who said "If I knew I was going to be an extra, I would have just gone to sleep". Kgosi just gave her a dry look and simply ignored her concerns.

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