Nominations: Let The Games Begin

nominationsThe nomination show tonight was quite something from the Kat - Jase twist, colourful geust celebrities down to yesterday Vanessa's eviction.

All focus has been on the games being played by Kat and Jase and all housemates have been crunching on their seats waiting to witness what lies ahead between the two tonight. However, from the look of things,this is not to end well as Jase (who is the Head Of House) seems to be some srt ofpressure as everyone tries to manipulate him.

Kat and Mandla's immunity means that the pair is exempted from the heart ache of being nominated, that left us with the remaining eleven hopeful that sat in a painful silence as the names began to roll off Biggie’s lips and into the room full of tense faces and bitten nails.

And in the end, the Nominees were announced as follows: Jase, Kgosi, MK, Mzamo, Poolie and Sol.

A confused and indescribale look wore Jase's face as his name was mentioned and as Biggie called him to the Diary room he practically leapt into that chair to amend the situation.

Quite obviously Jase chose to Save himself and put Iris as the Replacement because he believes she is strong enough to bounce back and stay in the House because of her prominent fan base.

Times are overwrought for the Housemates and it is finally becoming clear to them how real the game actually is.The encapsulated world that they create for themselves in the confines of the House is shattered within moments when the Big man speaks and announces who will be departing, this was apparent onSunday night’s Eviction.

The truth is, they are all just playing a giant, real life social chess game where it is their strategies and personalities that will determine what roles they fill within it.

Right now Jase is a King holding court with Kgosi, MK, Sol, Iris, Mzamo and Poolie all playing the unwilling pawns.

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