Oh, What A Night!

tearsOh, What a night tonight was, filled with emotions, battle of the words between the love birds the famous Mandlex followed by an anti-Mandla campaign by one of the halves, Lexi.

The aftermath of the famous battles featured all the girls collecting in Lexi's room where the campaign against Mandla proceeded courtesy of yours truly, Lexi. She further stressed that if there is someone they (ladies) should not and ought to trust, then that is Mandla and also make no qualms about the fact that he would use anyone to get what he wants.

This then lead both Kat and Thando to tears saying that they thought their relationships were real and how shocked they were. Wow! Lexi's bad energy is spreading throughout the House and now has all the ladies paranoid and playing guessing games. She seems dead set on sabotaging Mandla but littel does she know that this is just the thing that is making her lose points outside the House, Mandla fans are fuming! There is no saying where her anger stems from but we smell that little green monster again.

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