Play Time Everyone

playThere is one thing we love truly love about the Big Brother Mzansi house, and that is the freedom to play in the House and also the abundance of time for some pure unconditional fun. Every now and then the Housemates do deserve some time off to play and play even more.

So, Biggie called it playtime this afternoon. Reason for that was to keep the Housemates out of site during the maintenance which was taking place in the House.

Housemates were locked outside the House, they were instructed to remain in the garden, but that was not all. They had the privilege to enter a party room prepared for them with a range of numerous arcade games.

When MK, Mandla, Kgosi, Jase, Sol and Poolie entered the Party Room, their eyes figuratively popped out and became teary out of joy. As expected, man love playing games.(Pun intended)

Apart from the arcade games of course, they are the player-players as they usually would say, "it's either you play the game or watch the game play".

Thando, Lola, Loko, Lexi were not that excited though; they spent most of their time chilling in the garden with Mzamo, who kept them talking all the time. You know Mzamo, he never restricts himself from being part of conversations.

Kat and Iris were game, since they spent most of their time in the Party Room with the rest of the boys.

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