Poor Reception For Iris

packIt's always expected that when a newbie or visitor for that matter comes around, the residents are expected to not only offer them a warm welcome and great reception but also the best there's to offer but it seems this kind of treatment doesn't matter in the Big Brother Mzansi house going by the way former Chamber-mate Iris was received in the main house.

The 21-year-old lass moved to the main house after the closure of the Chamber house and apart from Kat, the rest of the housemates seemed not to care about this latest addition as no one paid attention to her the moment she stepped foot in the house, in fact she opened up to new found confidant Kat that she felt that most of the housemates disliked her.

Could it be that the housemates are scared of Iris for evading their space? Time will tell! But one thing for sure, Iris's addition will definitely shakes things up and these housemates probably have reason to be on their toes going by the way Iris thumped her fellow Chamber-mates to victory.

Meanwhile, amidst all this uncalled for tension, Kat took on the sisterly role and led Iris to the bedroom and helped her unpack and finally settle in.

-By- Bigg Mzansi

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  1. Morning Iris....welcum to d main house sweety, dnt worry abt who likes or dislike u u all de for one reason...Morning my Mandla jst focus on d game dnt be stressed abt Lexi now u can make a gud friend wth Iria....my votes will go to both of u

  2. Kat you a beautiful girl lv u and loko,iris,lexi

  3. big luv fr Iris, kat n loko.........niyarocka shame