Really are you the funniest Big Brother Mzansi fan?

We are trying to know how creative and funny are you Mzansi? Therefore we are interested in seeing what type of captions you'd come up with for some of the Housemates' images.

Actually we will choose the captions we like and create memes to share on the official Big Brother Mzansi website and on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to express yourself without being insulting or derogatory. Let's just keep it clean yet funny okay!

So, here's how the game goes:

We have a few images that we would like you to caption in the comments section below, these images are labelled one, two and three so make sure you relate your comment to the correct image number.




Who is the funniest of all Big Brother Mzansi fans?

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  1. 3.Aaaaaaa! Not the "stealing my shine" story again...Ms Fishy Fishy cnt even see im wearing her lipstick

  2. Mandla kwaaaaaaaa ayi boy uyangiqeda it was a thong, nailpolish now lipstick