Sleeping might be better than the Task

threesomeAs all the other housemates were busy working on their Task today in the  afternoon in which they are supposed to come up with pirate names and character backgrounds for their Pirate themed theatre show. Lola,Lexi and Thando were tugged inside their beds and they showed no interest whatsoever.

These three sleepy ladies were also supposed to be part of the brainstorming Session for the Week Task but they were not present even when they knew how important it was to everyone in the House.

As if that wasn't enough, the girls felt that they had to prove a point and all of this created a void which left the rest of the Housemates feeling uncertain about the Task future.

We all agree that it has been a difficult day so far, considering the fact that the Housemates were involved in a huge fight this morning. The bad prank is still affecting everyone in the House.

The trio certainly didn't take the joke too well but everyone in the House thinks they were overeating.

Do you think this will have a negative impact on how the Housemates will perform this coming Thursday?

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  1. Guys this is the game stop being over sensitive ur'll starting to bore us