Sol and Thando not at good terms

war of wordsCurrently Sol and Thando's relationship is just worsening and they're having a war of words, one would think that their overt similarities would bring them together in some kind of silent alliance but over the course of their stay in the House it could not be more contradictory.

The DJ did make no secret about the fact that he completely detests Thando, this has been evident since he first let loose in the Diary room and bashed everything about her character to Biggie he has gone on to repeat this behavior several times over the lat 2 weeks.

On the other hand Thando is no chick nor is she an angel, the lass referred to Sol as a ‘gorilla’ and forbidding him to come anywhere near her. There were more prevalent examples of their not-so-cold war like the infamous bucket incident where Thando blocked the doorway for Sol to go in and he threatened to urinate on her where after he went outside and relieved himself in a bucket and Thando told the entire House.

In the early hours of today's evening, Thando could once again be heard doing what she does best, gossiping toLexi and Lola about all the other Housemates, namely Sol whom she says knows that he must not speak to her, touch her or be in her presence.

Mean while Sol has endlessly expressed his odium toward Thando in his very animated and vocal Diary sessions but the question is why? Could it be that the two of them act as mirrors for one another and they actually see a lot of themselves in each other.

Actually both Sol and Thando are huge aficionadas for attention, Thando is continually trying her luck with all the guys in the House, whether it’s trying to win Jase’s trust by telling him aboutKat’s sordid antics or cozying up to Mandla and Poolie every time Lexi and Loko’s backs are turned.

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