Sol attacks his fellows

sol venomDuring his diary session today, Sol launched a scathing attack on some of his fellow housemates.

The DJ first attacked Kgosi who has only spent three days in the main house sofar, he has managed to rub Sol up every wrong way possible. Sol recounted a conversation that the two had about being a part of Big Brother Mzansi.

Kgosi who is a self-proclaimed writer and film-maker, told Sol that he was only in the House to get stories. Sol thinks differently, a strategy to manipulate the audience perhaps so the multimedia talented Kgosi can win the big prize?

The DJ continued with the attack and now it was Sol didn't stop there, it was now Thando's turn. Foot-in-mouth disease springs to mind when Sol admitted to calling her fat (cardinal sin, Sol!). This was in conjunction of calling her a 'vegetable'. Don't hold back Sol!

Without forgetting Lola, Sol steered the conversation to the contentious topic of chicken wings, which Lola apparently rationed. Hint, Lola, don't get between a man and his food!

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