Some Positivity In the House

positivityThere’s nothing as beautiful and as releaving as seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. its about time we wiped the sweat on our foreheads and took a breather because things are looking much better in the House.

The Housemates have moved on to a new chapter and now look much more positive than they were, best believe it. It has been a rough time but thanks to the Statue Task and Pirate Task, there's less tension in the House now.

Trust Biggie, because he always knows how to provide sunshine but since it’s his House anyway, the Housemates have to play by his rules.

In Todays’ Diary Session, Biggie managed to get some positivity out of the Housemates and the Sessions were full of laughter.

It was nice seeing Lola in a fighting mode and looking forward to facing her challenges. This goes to show that she is much stronger than she thought she was.

It is undeniable to say that she too has real friends; the likes of Lexi and Thando, that have gotten her back for real. In her Diary Session, she shared that she has learned a lot and her stay in the House has made her stronger. Good thing she changed her mind because regrets would have not helped her at all. All thanks be to Biggie for giving her enough time to re-think her decision.

Some Housemates have also learned to master the art of forgiveness and this includes the trio Lola, Lexi and Thando. We are so proud of these girls and Jase couldn't be more thankful; he is getting along with the girls. Forgiveness is definitely sweet!

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