Task: Badminton & French Cricket

remindHoH Mzamo seems to have gotten tired of taking up other people's responsibilities in the house and immediately Biggie handed out the day's task, he reminded whoever cared to listen that everyone should always take their batteries outside in the morning whenever they hear the bell.

Today’s Task is all about playing Badminton and French cricket. Badminton is similar to tennis, except the ball, referred to as a shuttlecock, and must never touch the ground. Housemates must play a game at Badminton one on one until a player has achieved ten points.

With French cricket, one Housemate (called the batsman) must stand with their legs together and hold the bat in front of their legs. He/she is not allowed to move and the rest of the Housemates must do the field work while standing around the batsman.

There will be one bowler who needs to throw the ball under hand at the batsman and the batsman must hit the ball to score a point.

These games will be played throughout the day today during the Housemates leisure. Therefore the Housemates needed to split into two teams for the challenges but they decided to stick to their original teams and immediately started with the first game.

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