Thando Kicked Out Of The Team

fNgThe second chance of the Big Brother Mzansi Friday Night games came around and this time around Big Brother extended an olive branch to the Housemates and offered them the chance to redeem themselves and play at reclaiming their wager loss to a maximum of 260%, in light of their recent dismal loss.

All that Biggie required from the Housemates was to to rate each other. With all the divisions and cliquing up that was taking place it was no doubt this belligerent bunch had an opinion or two about one another.

Two pillars were erected in the garden, one dubbed ‘least’ and the other ‘most’. Eleven Housemates at a time were required to rate themselves from least to most according to a character trait laid out by Big Brother.

One Housemate would have to observe a mute video from an LCD screen in the Diary Room of the eleven as they rate themselves in the garden. From three options, the Dairy Room bound Housemate had to guess which traits the eleven in the garden were rating themselves on.

All that the Housemate had to do was guess the correct trait with Biggie adding a twenty percent to a starting balance of zero with each correct guess.

Where was the third Housemate? This poor gal or guy was the sacrificial lamb suspended above a water tank. Each incorrect guess by the Housemate meant that the suspended one took a dunk for the team.

After a string of correct guesses Thando was the first to be dumped by none other than Lexi who guessed that the Housemates assumed that she was the most manipulative when in fact they reckoned she was bravest.

The Housemates also figured she was least generous and most possessive with Kgosi bagging the votes for phoniest of them all.

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  1. Who could possibly b leaving 2moro.....hmmmm I WONDER #team Iris al the way.....