The boys accumulate unnecessary beef between them

brashAfter the emotion fueled soccer game in the Arena today, there is a definite shift in dynamic in the house . This time around it's not the girls that are causing problems in the house however the guys seem to have accumulated unnecessary 'beef' between them.

What seemed to spark a fire of controversy among the guys is the fact that the game ended with Jase and Lola victorious in immunity.

MK took on the role of 'peace-maker' for some reason which translated more into 'instigator' when he confronted the guys on their behavior on the field saying that Jase and Poolie should apologize. He went on to add that both Kat and Thando should say sorry for the way they acted.

However this was met with negative comments and a general mood of conflict and confusion from the guys who thought he was just taking the whole thing too far and that there is no point in confronting the ladies over frivolous details.

MK seemed relentless in his pursuit to command some kind of presence and control which resulted in others like Kgosi and Sol getting involved when the mood continued. Head of House Mzamo then informed his fellows that he has to vote for one of them to be up for nomination which only fanned the flames.

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