The boys to guess girl's secrets this week

boy talkJust like the girls were tasked to guess the boys secrets, this week it's the boys turn to guess the girl’s Secrets. The fact that the girls got a Parlour, Big Brother has presented the boys in the house with their very own Man Cave, a place to talk, be ‘men’ and try and figure out which Secret belonged to which girl.

This is what the girl’s Secrets looked like:

1. I grew up on the streets.
2. I have Musophobia.
3. I am of Royal Blood.
4. I have breast implants.
5. I have a sex position bucket list.
6. I was born with a club foot.
7. I am a serial soccer star dater.
8. I am a nude model for sex exhibitions.

Who will win the battle of the Secret smarts?

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  1. when is the task biggie, I don't want to miss the task