The game is on

chamberWhile the housemates were having their diary sessions today, paranoia, strategies and agendas were the order of the day in the Diary Room.

Which housemate was saved by Mzamo , why did he save them, who may be safe, who’s not, who’s hot. Save and Replace? Well, nobody knew for sure, and everyone had their own theories.

Biggie posed the same questions to all housemates, however each session focused on the topic that ruffled them most. Although quote of the day came from MK, who told Biggie that his bed is “suffering from paranormal activity and has levitated into the garden and it rained and he needs to organise more linen with the neighbours.” Is MK spending too much time Kgosi?

Biggie also made it a point to ask the housemates how they felt about Jase being Head of House next week after he lucked out with the ‘catch the red ball’ HoH Task.

Kat, Sol and Kgosiwere over the moon, of course as they are close to Jase, which leaves them safe as houses; or as safe as you can be in the Big Brother Mzansi House with twists and turns around each corner.

On the hand the boys are very confident about their Secrets Task later this evening, doth the gentlemen protest too much? Tune in and find out when the Friday night Game Sessions begin tonight.

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