The girls have a scam session in the Parlour

scamHonestly no one would have thought that such malice could even dare come out of Valentine's day. During today's Parlour session, it finally came out that the girls have definitely let their paranoia get the better of them and they are convinced that their Valentine's day surprise from the guys is nothing but a ploy to win a Task.

The way Lexi, Vanessa, Lola and Thando were carrying on it seems that they have nothing but nasty comments and plans to destroy the seemingly devious act.

The ladies threw viscous comments back and forth about the guys over some champagne and decadent massages, they went on to say that Kgosi is 'creepy' and Sol is a 'goriila' who completely disgusts Lexi. Further still, the angry girls went over all the 7 Secrets that they need to decipher and came to some astounding revelations as well as joked about the size of the guys personal endowments.

It's only Kat and Loko who remained relatively quiet, is it because they have feelings some of the male housemates who fell victims? Shame, the poor guys, they are just trying to brighten up this special day for the beautiful ladies of the House but they will be met with a dull reception.

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