The ladies win this week's game

watersworkDue to the guy’s inability to guess all their secrets as well as Big Brother throwing in some curve balls of his own, it was pure, unadulterated entertainment at its best with the girls winning the game

Initially there were sparks as the girls took their seats on the stage Lexi forcibly switched seats with Loko as to not be next to Iris, this set the tone for a string of deplorable events.

At the start the guys seemed to be on a roll, figuring out that it was in fact Vanessa who had breast implants but then things took a turn for the shocking when Kgosi stood up and revealed that they believed it to be Lexi that grew up on the streets.

With a calm and collected demeanour we looked on as she told the story of spending 5 years on the streets after her dad unexpectedly had an accident and lost his job.

Things did get a little more complex for the guys as they got stumped on the ‘sex position bucket-list’ secret which turned out to belong to Kat.

Jase watched on with a wide eyed smile and priceless expression of childish joy as Kat told her ‘sexually experimental’ stories to the camera. Very fitting considering her recent scandalous behavior in the House.

Finally the guys could not guess which girl held the fear of ‘musophobia’ as her secret. After the failed guess of it being Lola, the walls came crashing down and the guys accepted defeat.

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