The pirates might be divided

dividedThis is the week of the Pirate. This could mean anything from toothless smiling, over drinking, insobriety, pick pocketing, survival and wild romances soaked in gin and general risky behavior. However, every rebel should have a cause otherwise they are simply adding to all the mindless strife in the world.

The cause for these rebels, Pirates and hell-raisers was not quite clear this time around. In the beginning of the week the Housemates were told to strap in their eye-patches and corsets and create a theatrical showcase based on the week’s Pirates theme.

So far with Kgosi at the helm, having written the perfect script to this theme, a portion of the Housemates had made it increasingly difficult for rehearsals to go underway and for the collective to refine their script. The wind in the House seemed to be blowing the sails helter skelter threatening to capsize the Big Brother Mzansi ship.

Even coy captain Jase added a disclaimer to his Diary Session confessing that his expectations aren't high and Biggie shouldn't look to high too.

The divides in the House were splitting deeper and deeper with the general feeling being that some Housemates stood in the way of any chance the bunch might win their 100% wager.

Lexi Lola and Thando had been the main stress factors by alienating themselves from the group. Many of the Housemates confessed in their Diary Sessions that they had the conviction to pull off the show but motivation ran thin because the team was divided.

It even had to take another chide from Big Brother, who noted that the Pirates were nowhere near ready for their Task Presentation tonight. He told them 100% wagers meant that he was not going to be lenient when it came to effort.

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