The Shirtless Mandla

shirtless-mandlaMandla has gotten to be known as the crazy and unpredictable actor in the house lately. Last week, he managed to pull off a stunt wearig Lexi's unddie a thing that earned him the craziest man's title; a title that he hasn;t relinquished.

By now you probably have noticed that Mandla is always topless and he is always showing off his belly everyday. We see this everywhere and he doesn't have a problem with it.

He looks like he is going to the beach, truth must be told!. Next thing you know, we will hear that tops give him a rush.

Well, it could be that he likes flaunting his supposedly non existent six-pack. Although we are aware that it's hot and that the heat could possibly be the answer to all of this but we are not seeing the other boys flaunting their tummies if that's the case.

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  1. Team Mandla let us save Lexi from going home this week...