The Week's Wrap Up

week-wrapWhat a week it has been! Action packed full of suspense, darma and entertainment from start to finish.

Kicked off with beautiful Iris being chosen as the one to enter the main house from the chamber.

Obviously, this changed the natural dynamic in the House but we could never have predicted that this would be the catalyst that would ignite a blazing fire of dramatic antics as she received a luke-warm welcome from the Ladies of the House.

As theme for this week was ‘sport’ it was only natural that the first Task would be a Big Brother Mzansi style soccer match followed by an immunity challenge in the form of a penalty shootout.

This resulted in Jase and Lola winning the coveted prize of immunity.

The guys then headed to the Man Cave to further discuss and decipher what the lady's Seven Secrets could possibly be but due to the recent immunity win, there seemed to be some beef brewing between them all. After indulging in some treats the opinionated MK obviously played the protagonist in this scene, not to anyone’s surprise.

This week also revealed that the baby-faced Jase actually has very real feelings for Kat. He openly admitted that he is quite smitten and asked if they could continue their relationship outside of the House which was met with a non-committal response from Kat.

The biggest thing that happened in the House this week was between Iris and Lexi.

Iris was uncomfortable in the House and after this confrontation she retreated into her shell, but after some time she began to blossom and this further upset the raging Lexi.

The arrival of Sol’s birthday was a well needed injection of positivity in the somber House from the moment Zakhele Mapondo delivered his cake in the morning to the unified supper prepared by the Housemates in the evening, even though Lexi still refused to eat the food as Iris had helped prepare it.

Still on course of this week's recap, the Housemates decided to take a 50% Wager for the week’s Task, the first installment required them to shoot hoops, though we thought this would bring some unity to the Housemates, it did nothing for the tangible tension between Lexi and Iris.

Lexi then went into the Diary room and absolutely let loose, insulting everything about Iris, from her opinion, that she can’t speak English properly to the fact that she dates soccer player. It seemed that her mere presence was a problem for Lexi.

The next Task was for the Housemates to come up with their very own fitness routine, which really brought everyone together, with Mzamo in control, the group came up with what can only be described as a Big Brother Mzansi flashmob in the garden.

This followed by Biggie giving them the chance to prepare and come up with their very own war cries and after donning their helmets and getting in the zone, both teams put on a spectacular show and won their 50 percent Wager.

After multiple awkward moments and mounting tension, Biggie finally had enough and called Lexi and Iris to the Diary room, telling them that if this behavior continues then it will result in immediate expulsion from the House because after all, this is a game and there are rules to be followed.

Both Lola and Thando decided to up their game earlier this week and part of the plan was to be assertive with the guys and gain their love and trust, but it was just this that blew in Lola’s face when she lead MK with multiple flirtatious moments then left him high and dry when she felt uncomfortable sharing a bed with him and left.

Iris eventually began to blossom and open up after a while when her and Mzamo started talking boys. Talking about boys, Kat can’t seem to get enough of them.

This week showed a very different side to the seemingly sweet and innocent young Housemate, from continuously flirting with Sol and Mandla to opening hitting on Poolie. This is part of her strategy or she is just a natural flirt but either way, it is not gaining her any popularity in the House.

The ladies formed somewhat of an alliance against Kat and her bestie Loko saying that they are tired of them getting away with everything and they feel that both of them are not being truly portrayed to the public.

Jase was chosen as HoH when he caught the only red tennis ball out of multiple others, It was definitely a good week for Jase. First he wins immunity and the HoH, the guy is on a roll.

The Friday Night Game was a spectacle with the girls winning and the realization that Lexi had in fact lived on the street for five years of her life which resulted in tears and group hugs.

Saturday night brought the infectiously vibrant Dineo Ranaka into the House, this was a sublime moment for the Housemates.

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