They end up in a draw

its drawToday in the afternoon two teams challenged each other  in today's sports task which was all about showing true sportsmanship. The Housemates were in good spirits and they showed real team work.

Both teams went head to head in the two games where they had to hit and catch balls. The Housemates took turns and they were all up for the challenge.

The Head of House Mzamo did prove a point that he was not only good at being a leader, but was also good at serving and hitting balls. He gave Poolie a hard time and made him run around all confused.

Mid way the second game, most of the housemates where getting weary but it all made sense anyway since playing the same game over and over was getting strenuous. On that note, the Housemates opted to take a break to regain their strength just after losing the ball they were playing with during the French Cricket game.

The first game of Badminton was won by Team A and Team B won the French Cricket game. So the two teams concluded that it was a draw.

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