This week's review

play hardThere has been heated spats, birthday hi-jinks,clearing sessions and team sports and none of the Housemates have escaped this week’s antics unscathed. It’s worth questioning if these micro dramas are down to a subconscious knowing that dynamics are going to shift again on Sunday when the first 'evictee' is announced.

All the housemates need to play smart and it’s always good to have an ally, nobody is an island.Mzamo is smartest at this. At all times (and throughout his two HoH terms) the man has remained cool-headed, diplomatic and fair.

As comfortable having a ‘gossip sesh’ with the girls in the bedroom as he is being one of the boys, Mzamo ‘I feel like’ sets a shining example of getting along ‘how to do it’ for the rest of the House.

MK and Lola… now what’s this all about? Is she craving attention and using MK, the Sigmund Freud of the House to scratch the itch or is it a strategy to get an ally of her own? If it’s an itch, Lola, you’re going to have to start scratching, if it’s a strategy, you’re going to have to try harder.

The two lovebirds Jase and Kat aren’t aware of it but theirs could be a sleuth-like strategy of epic proportions, like how cute are they? Who would ever split up the lovebirds of the House? It would be like killing kittens.

Moving to Mandla, the favourite topless model of the House. The funny guy, the cross-dressing hero, take the funny man podium and hold onto it with all your might Mandla, it’s working.

Lastly there's Kgosi for you and there ain’t anybody else like him, you want to keep watching him just to see what he says next. He’s the smarts of the House; the smarts with a heart of gold.

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