Today's morning was very hopeful

hopefulLast night a lot of things happened and stuff really got extremely worse and all in all, what an eventful night it was last night.

For starters, all the housemates got down and out at their party. However things didn't go well for Mandla as his lady love Lexi threw insults at him before running a campaign against him.

Love between this pair is all a charade and it's taking a toll on everyone. Drama, drama, drama, that's all we can say. This is even too much to put in a status.

If it wasn't for Biggie's alarm, both the housemates and Chambermates could not have woken up. Anxiety was on the menu as we saw Kat already tidying up the kitchen for the new Housemate who will enter the House from the Chamber.

On the other hand, the Chambermates were deep in thought and were looking depressed. Whether it was Biggie's sounds that were bringing them down, but pressure was kicking in anyway and reality had stricken.

With that being said, today is a very big day for everyone and no one knows how things will turn out.

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