Wager: Housemates Go For 50%

wageAre the housemates not good enough to go for 100% Wager anymore or they are just being too conscious? Well, whichever way it is, we guess it's not that bad. This is a week of sports and probably Housemates have sensed that the activities they will be indulging in will demand a lot from their minds and bodies, so that's probably why they've decided to be a little careful.

Unlike the previous week where they decided to go for it all, this week's  activities/tasks seem to have made them rethink about another 100% Wager. The housemates agreed that they should be more careful this week and not be too confident.

Every day this week, housemates will play a different sport and train hard throughout. Big Brother therefore called for creativity as housemates will be expected to come up with their own supporter clubs.

Housemates have already taken part in the Arena football challenge and housemates will still play more sports.

Will they scoop the 50% Wager this week?

-By- Bigg Mzansi

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