Wager: MK Advises Housemates To Up Their Game

MK-adviseMK-adviseUnlike last week where housemates decided to wager 50%, this week, they've decided to go for it all; 100% and it seems they are so determined to give Big Brother a run for his money.

This week is Pirates week and housemates are required to come up with their Pirates' names and backgrounds. It wasn't easy to come to a consensus though. Some housemates were of the view that they shouldn't go for 100% while others like MK advised the gang that they need to up their game because it doesn't stop from wagering 100% but also pulling up their socks and giving their best in the tasks.

The housemates haven't lost a single wager ever since the show started and it seems they are on a lucky streak, no wonder they have decided to go for it all.

We shall wait for Thursday to find out if the housemates will have carried their weight.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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