Wager Victory: Housemates Celebrate In Style

liquorIt's been a long week for the Housemates as they had to engage in all sorts of mind and body demanding sports activities coupled with having to deal with the tensions in the house.

As usual, Biggie provided all sorts of liquor and each housemate celebrated the win well deservedly. Loko could be seen not leaving her whisky as though her life depended on it and she even brought back those teen memories of hers sharing with Poolie what she used to do back then. This could most probably be termed as 'Orientation' for her as the Saturday night party closes in.

If only she knew that the very same Poolie told the boys during their sabbatical in the Man Cave she can't cook to save her life. Sizzling on the dance floor, but a flop in the kitchen? We have no idea, but we're sure if this comes out, Poolie just might get a frying pan induced injury, courtesy of this feisty girl.

But why was Loko so excited? We'll finger the bottle of vodka and three bottles of wine the girls stashed! Upon making the discovery later in the evening, Sol, Poolie and Jase swore revenge during an impromptu meeting in the bedroom. "They played us. Next time, we're stashing too".

Kgosi also cornered Thando and apparently he wanted someone to have a conversation with, well, it didn't seem clear to Thando because Kgosi himself was not straight to the point.

With the way Biggie is treating these housemates after each Wager victory, they'll surely want to win over and over again, hope Biggie's liquor doesn't dry out.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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