What's Up With Lola & Lexi?

lolaLola and Lexi seem to be the bad girls of the house and they are evidently costing their fellow housemates, unless they change their attitudes, we are yet to see more wager losses this season.

From the onset, Lola and Thando seemed uninterested in the Pirates task not to mention the fact that Lola in particular started off the week in a rather sad mood, wanting to leave which she was never going to do anyway and Lexi having issues with almost everyone.

Well, if this is part of their strategy then it's really failing the other housemates and viewers too aren't happy about the ladies' poor efforts and negative energies.

For the task presentations yesterday in particular, Lola, Lexi and Thando took to one corner though Thando played a part all together but she could have done better.

What beats on's mind is the fact that these poor ladies knew from the start that the show would involve such tasks and some of them would require team-work but it surely seems that they are not honouring their part of the deal.

What do you think?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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