What's wrong with Lexi?

lexi threatensFollowing Mandla and Lexi's verbal spat and Iris' move into the main house, feisty Cape Townian Lexi has threatened drama and "fierceness" therefore in simple terms, one would say that the pot is ready to blow.

While having a conversation with Mzamo in the lounge this evening, she opened up about the fact that she is prepared to let her “inner bitch" come out to play.

Don't compare her to me, “I’m sick and tired of people coming to me and asking about this mosquito because she's not even worth my status. If we were to be graded according to our hotness, she wouldn't measure up. I will bash someone’s face in. I can get it started,” she said referring to Iris. Ouch!

Mandla then rushed into the lounge with one thing in mind: a manicure. After failing to get Lexi to bite, he made it clear he would not be sleeping in her bed. “No, I won’t sleep in your bed tonight.

He said that he’ll be sleeping in the hammock,”. Later on in the evening, Lexi tracked Mandla down and told him what a proper, cultured man he is.

If I'm to ask, what’s wrong with Lexi? Is she interested in Mandla or she doesn’t feel him? If she doesn’t, why is the Iris factor bothering her so much? This back and forth is making everyone dizzy. Is it safe to assume the days of sharing thongs are over?

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  1. Lexi wat wrng wth u bcz i ris nvr said any thing 2..... @ da last tym i checked u ddnt want any thung 2 do wth mandla bt naw u do??? Loooooooooolz

  2. lexi jelousy makes u nasty*singing*lol

  3. Lexi must grow up, that kinda attitude won't let her get all the votes she needs #UnsexyLexi

  4. Woooooo shame on you Lexi, you felt threatened from day 1 Iris was chosen, if really you have a decent status you wouldn't have acted so immature and illiterate...wake up and smell the coffee you not the only one who's SMART in the house.

  5. hahahahaha Lexi, Lexi Lexi, cheap is not sexy girl. hai but Iris should also get rid of that hair do it makes her look old and rural.