Big Brother Mzansi Look Alikes

jase-alikeFor the past few weeks, many of you have been comparing the Big Brother Mzansi Housemates to local and international celebrities. Who do you think resembles the Housemates? Here is part one of the Big Brother Mzansi celebrity look-a-like, creepy!

kat-alikeFirst Lady, Michelle Obama sure knows how to handle Barack Obama. Who can forget the infamous cold shoulder she gave Barack at the Nelson Mandela memorial? Not only does Kat look like the first lady, but after Sunday night’s tiff between her and Jase, it’s clear she too knows how to handle her man.

Piercing eyes? Check. Defined jawline? Check. Perfect pearly whites? Double check. If Jase were to cut his afro, he could definitely pass for Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller.

kgosi-alikeOne has a career making movies, the other making music yet their resemblance is uncanny. Kgosi and DJ Kenzhero have the same nappy hairstyle, geeky glasses and awesomely akward personalities. We think Kgosi could very well be his brother!

iris-alikeIf you think the only things Iris and Katelgo Danke have in common are their flawless skin, petite physique and pixie hair cut, then you are mistaken. Iris’ feisty personality is similar to a character Katlego once played in a local soapie. Do you see it now?

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  2. I can watch Poolie and Jase the whole day... Brothers b lookin all fine!