Check out the party after last night's party

after partyLast night the party went down and everyone did report to the dance floor, all the girls were looking hot in their hot numbers. The guys also didn't disappoint at all, they also stepped it up. Mzamo was at the top of the list with his ravishing gold suit.

Surely we all do remember the pre-party that "sexi Lexi" and Loko ran yesterday in the afternoon. You could see that the party vibe was already in the air and nothing including rain could have prevented them from expressing their feelings fully.

And during the after party, Kat went to the extreme and went topless in the Jacuzzi. Her "babies" were out but she was covering them up with her hands. She and Jase were kissing and she gave him ajacuzzi lap dance. We haven't seen that before but she pulled it off and Jase was enjoying the view.

Kat was actually at the top of her game, she even had Sol and Jase wrapped around her finger. Then we saw a running competition on whom will end up with the girl. "Kitty-Kat" was loving the attention of course and she couldn't stop teasing.

Some people could be getting back together in no time. We are talking about Mandla and Lexi. It's hard to forget about their love as it was one of those first impressions which didn't last.

The ex "lovebirds" were comfy together in the bedroom and Mandla was at it again declaring his strongs feelings towards Lexi. All the back and forths, perhaps they are one step closer tomending their broken hearts. Let's just hope time does not get wasted.

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  1. Ay lexi is on top of her game bt yaphoxa shame bengimthanda !!!