Good Bye Kgosi

kgosiIts been an amazing four weeks run for the amazing, cool, calm and collected ex-Chambermate, Kgosi. However, his run on the big Brother Mzansi show finally came to a close tonight after him being Evicted. So after all the nail biting and stern looks, the verdict is out, the quirky and cool Housemate Kgosi has been voted out of the Big Brother Mzansi House.

It was an emotional exit, especially for Jase who hugged it out with him more than once. Lola was also visibly upset and she could not help the tears.

As he made his exit and sat down on the couch with Lungile, his composure did not waver at all and he remained cool as a cucumber as he spoke of how happy he was for those who were staying, he also went into how Big Brother Mzansi has been a wonderful journey for him.

Upon his entrance, Kgosi said his only objective was to ‘spread the love’ and indeed he did he try but although things did not work out between him and Loko (his crush) who now appears to already taken by Poolie. Kgosi, however, is open about the fact that he has no regret what happened and that he would do it again given the chance.

Things also evolved and became sour for him and fellow nominee Iris, he thought she was a nice girl and he loved her spirit but he did see her true colours and figured out that it must’ve all just been a strategy.

Can’t get enough of King Kgosi, well you ought to be on the look out because in his own words, ‘look out for a hot film’ because he plans on writing one.

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