It's Indeed a Dance Week!

jiveThe dance week is really doing a good job on the housemates and Big Brother is also not just seated, the main man took the housemates back in the day when busty black beauty queens bumping hips with their gangster suitors under the flamboyant light of the disco ball. Housemates were also evidently up for the challenge and they took part as if their lives depended on it.

The Sophiatown dance is energetic, charismatic dance with an edge. However, Jase seems to be the most intriguing housemates of them all, the young man is learning but with lots of mistakes and for sure we can't blame him, who knows, by Thursday, he may have already mastered the art.

The floor was all set for housemates and the dance instructors also did a good job, housemates like Mandla and Lexi could be seen enjoying themselves and having the fun of their lives.

The atmosphere in the house seems to be a focused and relaxed one currently, not even the looming evictions are something to worry about for these determined souls, after all Sunday will take care of itself.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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