It's Pantsula In The House, Keeping It Proudly Mzansi

dance-taskThis week's Biggie's task; The Dance Task has been kept truly and Proudly Mzansi. After the morning’s gum-boot Dance Task, he pulled out all the stops and Pantsula takkies and got the Housemates on their toes.

Pantsula is a dance that began in Alexandra and Sophiatown in the 1950s and 1960s and the movement was born out of older men in the settlements engaging in informal street dancing competitions. The style became so popular that it spread through the country like a veld fire and by the 1980s, Pantsula was practiced across Mzansi by South Africans of all ages and no longer was it limited to men. Girl power, we say!

Pantsula was also used as a platform to spread awareness of social issues that required addressing during this period and became a popular movement of conscious art. In 1994, Pantsula persisted as an expression of cultural roots and has become a sentimental dance form and a staple in the Rainbow Nation culture.

Housemates seem far more proficient at physical Tasks than creative Tasks as last week’s Pirate Week proved, after the collective of scallywags lost their wager through a poorly performed play. Don’t hold your breath; this lot don’t seem to be aspiring actors and actresses just yet.

The Housemates got their endorphins pumping and worked up a sweaty glow as Pantsula instructors took them through the steps, but Dance Task Week will be a challenge for Jase who admits to having two left feet (HoH Sol, is surprised Jase can even walk with his coordination being so rubbish).

Loko on the other hand was in her element, the lady has some moves on her.

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