Jase revealed his save and replace decision

save and replaceActually all the tasks for this week were all themed around Pirates and ships which made for an interesting platform for all the real life drama that ensued.

The boys did lose their ‘Secrets’ Task which meant they were all up for Nomination this week but after all the Arena Games and the Immunity Challenge, it was Kat and Mandla who came out victorious, keeping them safe for the week.

The next Task was writing a Pirate themed play, set on board a ship that the Housemates would have to build themselves and even though they tried their best, our crew of crazies lost their 100 percent Wager and therefore all their luxuries for the week.

Following an eventful week filled with tears and an attempted voluntary exit from Lola, Jase who was this week’s HoH underwent a plethora of manipulation from all the other Housemates finally announced his decision for his ‘Save and Replace’. The fresh-faced Housemate chose to save himself and use Iris as a replacement.

Therefore this clearly meant that Sol, Kgosi, Iris, Poolie, Mzamo and MK. This was MK’s second time up for nomination so it is no wonder he has been on edge the whole week.

This was actually the first time the housemates heard about Jase’s save and replace decision. They were brimming with anxiety and anticipation.

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