kat Jumps Into Bed With Sol

katsolIts been a speculation for quite sometime and finally, this evening, Kat pulled one of the most controversial moves of the Season. This was While Jase took a siesta in his bed about a metre away, she jumped into Sol's bed and allowed him to breathe down on her neck. May be we blame it on the weather that had the Housemates scrambling for body heat or is Kat breaking out the big guns in her strategy to cut Jase down to size?

Things do really change, rememebr a couple of weeks ago, the only body heat Kat craved was that from ase's very own.However, all that changed as soon as Jase became Head of House and everyone wanted a piece of him. Thando, Lola, Lexi, Vanessa, Poolie and Kgosi did warn him about Kat's little flirtation with Sol. Kat then denied any wrongdoing and laid into Jase for listening to her haters.

A rumour that Kat and Sol had kissed started doing the rounds, this weekend but Kat denied it and then turned around and allowed Sol to massage her thighs. Stirring the pot much?

This evening might have placed last nail in the coffin. As soon as Sol and Kat got comfortable under the covers, Jase excused himself and joined Thando, Lexi and Poolie in the kitchen for a cooking session. Later, Kat told Loko "He's so naive. I'm done". Iris also had a lot to say. "Jase thinks he's entertaining, but he is irritating. He is too naive for my liking. No wonder he hasn't dated anyone for more than 22 days". MK also couldn't resist and highlighted how Jase should know better, because he has four sisters. "He should be clued up by now," he said. Ouch!
The tension is evident now and after the first Nominations of the Season this morning, everyone is stepping their game up.

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